Specialising in Food Photography, working and getting creative with lots of wonderful brands has meant that I can combine the shoot and then how to market yourself.  Where does your business need to reside?

What is your end goal? 

I am not a myriad of marketeers, I am simply me. If my voice resonates the right tone for you then this is where your journey can start. I want you to feel inspired by YOU , I am merely your sounding board who, with over 20 years experience in business start ups, marketing and getting creative can help guide you with the following:

 Analytics |Editorials | Advertorials | PR | Digital Media | Photography | Social Media | Business Start Up's | Campaigns | Email Marketing

I also work closely with various fantastic individuals who can also help you with 

Print | Design | Illustration | SEO | PPC | Web Builds | E Commerce


 "When covid stopped my business in it's tracks Figgy stepped in to help me set up on line. To say she was patient is an understatement! As a total technophobe she explained everything clearly, simply and showed me how to move my business on line. She helped me set up email marketing and, cleverly retaining some familiar elements from the way I have worked in the past, I was able to engage with my clients in a way that would work for them. And me.  I am now able to work in groups, as well as offer 1:1.
Figgy really does know her stuff - a marketing genius! 
She listens really carefully to your business needs so that she can guide you and tailor everything to suit. She knows what you need to do, even if you have no idea yourself! 
She is very professional and reliable.
I would highly recommend her.
And she's really lovely too - which always helps! 😁"

Jos - Jos 4 Art Private Art Tutor 

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