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My name is Natasha Lea Milne my nickname is Figgy 

“ I thought, from an early age everyone heard and felt what I did. I always assumed this was just the way it was, I realise I was just a lot more ‘aware’ than most. "

Thank goodness I have realised that I'm not alone with my belief's and speaking to people who have left this earth is ‘relatively’ normal

( well in my world it is  )

I have been sat in spiritualist's circle's for over 15 year's, stood on platform and have given private readings for friends, client's and small groups.

It just makes my soul happy.

Soul Proof - if you really knew, how would you live?

Spiritualism its a myriad of words

 Unsure ‘what’ you are looking for ? The best thing to do is ask, I hear so many times that people want to sit with a reader but are scared of what may be given. It is my belief that you should always feel that your soul has been uplifted. 

I have been taught by one of the most wonderful teacher's in the West Country, Jean Jenkins who runs the Shining Light Centre in Westbury.

Not only have I been taught to open my mind but to also ‘feel’ ‘consider’ ‘be considerate’ with my words. In my opinion , no reader should ever make you feel anything but calm, looked after, listened too and cared for.

I have recently returned from an intensive mediumship training course at the Arthur Findlay College. The worlds foremost college for the advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic sciences. My tutor was the wonderful Kitty Woud.

I read as an evidential medium and a psychic. I see, hear, sometimes smell but mostly I feel.

I also cry, hold, and laugh but I definitely don't burst into dance, use a ouija board or tell you where you Aunt left her fortune!

“An evidential medium is able to bring forth strong evidence of truth”

I offer private sittings, and readings for small groups. I also offer online readings from information that is sent to me. Sometimes photographs, sometimes drawings. 

To see me at work please follow this link ;



If you would like to say hello

please email me below:




‘People seek the guidance of a Medium for many reasons, but foremost among them is to have an experience to confirm their belief in, or overcome their doubt about, the continuation of life after physical death’











.....fear is only a word, what would you do if you conquered yours?....

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