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Brixham Fisheries - What a Plaice!

What a few days! I’ve been wanting to get involved with the fishing industries for a few years, something i have thought about a lot. I grabbed an opportunity of two days off and decided to just get started. Frome - Brixham 99 miles....

Creating content, capturing food and reportage photography, learning the language and generally just finding about about everything!

Learning a whole new business I’m used to, listening to the true voices of an industry excites me. Being respectful around all of the politics that comes with any organisation is an entirely different thing. This industry is no different.

Any voice used to talk, share and get the general publics interest takes time. The Fisheries have a heart.

I’ve just spent two days in heartwarming Brixham. I'm left feeling more passionate about the ocean, those that work on and in it and feel determined to create energy around doing something new.

From the fishermen that spend days at sea away from their loved ones, to the workers who are on the ground running in Brixham fish market to fabulous down to earth locals who have generations of fishing knowledge.

A really big thank you to Sarah. A local withy pot maker, female fisherman and holiday lettings business owner ( not to mention all the other strings she has to her bow! ) Introducing me to lots of smiley faces including Emma Mckeating, an advanced fishmonger from Grimsby with a flair for fish and not to mention a pint of Doom Bar!

The Fishermen’s mission, THE only charity that provides emergency, practical, financial and emotional support . What a wonderful charity! To donate click here:

Hearing stories of supported bereaved families really opened my eyes to some of the things that do happen at sea. Listening to all the new safety features being implemented and how families have been enabled and supported. There is truly, truly a lot more to this industry than meets the eye.

I work on web builds, PR, marketing ( mainly photography ) but one of the favourite parts of my job is working alongside illustrators, designers and artists and I’ve perused some really beautiful fisherman’s artwork these past few days! The sort of pencil drawings and sketches that bring emotion and thought. This is the kind of stuff I’d love to see more of!

I’ve talked trawlers, turbots and Brexit to permits, potting boats and hairy arsed fishermen! I’ve had a gander at Jims MBE, discussed new born babies chunky thighs and eaten more cake and chips than I did at Glasto!

I’ve seen naked fishermen, heard of unspeakable’s brought up from the deep, and learnt that wearing the wrong tights and knicker combo when you’ve a long way to walk isn’t a good idea!

Anyway, here’s some snaps

Thanks for a heartwarming time x


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