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Covid Photography!

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

There was never such thing!

I always forget how much of a buzz I get from Twitter! It was my most detested platform a few years back felt like sandpaper but look into it, REALLY look into it. Twitter hours, journey requests get chatting. I managed to blag my way into the Daily Mail ! Must try for a better title next time ;)

Its timing and scrawling, it pays off! On all the occasions i've managed to get into a glossy print ( Vogue, Cosmo, Various weekend food articles ) It because ive just kept at it, been in the right place followed the right people and chatted to random strangers online!

Does that make me good at talking? Well i'm pretty approachable, I think!

Todays tweeting was regarding Covid photography and how I have had to adapt whilst social distancing, working ( luckily ) doubly the amount of my usual hours, whilst home schooling and going on a huge detox ( preferred detox to weight gain though, but never want to do 5 days of a throbbing headache due to caffeine withdrawal! yes really! )

Because of this bloudie virus I have learnt the following all in aid of my photography :

  • To Plaster Walls

  • Fillet Fish

  • Build An E Commerce Web Site In 48 Hours With No Sleep

  • Make Photo Back Drop Boards

  • Make A Start Into Portrait Photography

and lastly Maths. I can now do long multiplication and improper fractions! Pat on the back for me!

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