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Henderson To Home - Supporting British Fishermen

What an opportunity! And those lobster tanks!

Always take your camera with you. As much as I detest the cold weather and can never wear enough socks, if I'm visiting British Fisheries then a combination of our Winter light, amazing coastal locations, beautifully fresh landed seafood and fish, and my camera usually make for some great shots. I was in luck!

A first meet with Fishing News in Salcombe for some shots, then onto Paignton and Brixham harbours with no rain proved a worthy 250 mile round trip! All thanks again to Sarah Ready ( find her here on Insta )

Never one to shy away and get nosy, I was introduced to Henderson Seafood and pretty much asked to look in every nook and cranny with my camera.

Am I obsessed with fish!? #thinkso

These guys ( and gals ) supply day boat fish, hand picked crab, live langoustines & diver scallops nation-wide through their sustainable fresh fish and shellfish deliveries direct to your door. Based in the harbour in Paignton in a small but very versatile unit is 'bleddy' amazing!

( is my Cornish twang getting better? !)

Landed on the bm82_petitbateau ( hopefully next time i'll get to see the landing ) 90% of their produce is wild caught meaning low environmental impacts with minimal seabed


Having worked alongside Fishmongers over the past few years, the consumer is always shocked to hear that yes, hand dived scallops really does mean that they are picked from the seabed by divers, just for you to create your dish. Making for better eco-systems. Line caught fish is simply that, one rod on the back of the boat thus eliminating bycatch and returning live juvenile fish back to the sea .

As readers i feel we've become numb to the reality of what 'really' happens at sea, how our fish are 'really' caught. The industrious use of hashtags to increase visibility sometimes means the true meanings of #seatoplate #supportyourfisherman #freshfish are growing more and more obsolete! They aren't even ruling the trending pages as they have in the past, they are evolving out of necessity and are becoming a nuisance! When did you 'really' look into the true meanings of your hashtags?

It can be tricky knowing what fish to buy and to know whether it really is sustainable. Look for the MSC blue tick. Speak to your Fishmonger, look for provenance, ask where its from, even ask which boat landed the fish.

Henderson Seafood have all this in place ( see how i resisted a fish pun there ! ) A seasonality calendar and plenty of sourcing info. AND you can shop online. Not always easy when relying on our British weather and biting fish.

Ive got my eye on the Henderson To Home premium Christmas box! But theres only one problem, my lot don't get to eat it until i've photographed it!

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