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Create You!

It’s way to easy to get caught up in others peoples work! Feed after feed, scroll, tag like and comment!

Loosing what makes your business unique to you is easy. Stick to it! Don’t waver!

I try not to repeatedly resonate but even this week I have been in conversations regarding the above. At what point do you start seeing your feed come to life? When does your feed start to flow?

Take a leap of faith and trust that you’re going in the right direction and just give it your all. 2 years, I always say it takes 2 years. From scratch to a sniff of regular income.

We follow you because not only do we love your product but because your true to what you offer.

Don’t take a side step because of what you’ve seen..... Write a note, a visual note with pen and paper , do your own timeline...

Where was I two years ago - where am I now - Where do I WANT to be in two years from now.

What am I up to? Ive most likely done a tad of all of the above this week, but I’ve not allowed that small voice to interfere.

So, what I have I ‘really’ done this week? Here goes....

- Shot summer Mocktails and Milkshakes for White Row Farms new menus

- Grabbed an entire day to finish two web builds that I agreed to do . One for a Pilates teacher and one for a Thrive Practitioner.

- Purchased new kit . Flash Gun Photography will be a game changer for me #whoop

- Spent way too many hours on InDesign, working on some new artwork for a local florist.

- Updating my own website

- Updating designs for promotional material for Theatre brochures

- Made as start on a recycling manifesto for a large local business. ( This one got me rubbing my hands together ...yes! Finally !)

NEWSFLASH.... eeeekk Phoned just pinged, my new food foto classes should be launched this week......

And I managed to take some snaps of my own supper..... AND the kitchen was clean! #oneoff

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