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They have arrived! The cardboard tubes with the new backdrops from Captured By Lucy have landed on my doorstep. Albeit more excited about these vinyls than I'm letting on, but they are a real find and SO much easier to cart around in the back of my car!

So today, Sunday, I allowed myself two hours to compose, choose, cook, set up, tweak, grab some greenery from the garden and shoot!

Practice Practice Practice I dont get bored of doing this ( but I do forget to drink water! must remember too ) I just wish I had more time, between jobs, family and house stuff.

Peaches are a great thing to practice with, they're just easy to make look tasty and enhancing some of the colours in Lightroom make them look gentle, tasty and perfect for your autumnal shots for your insta.

Ive baked this for about 15 mins then scarred them on the grill, covered them in honey and left the parchment in the snap.

ISO 100 | F1.8 | 50mm | Tripod | Natural Light | Filter

Could I have added anything to this? YES! as always I wished I added this and that, perhaps something with a blush tone and move the honey pot to the left? But were practicing right?

This shot worked for me as it has different heights, which is also good for a flat lay but be careful not to make the product look like its floating in mid air!

The peaches tasted good too;)

Figs x

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